Reasons for the Poor Cooling Effect of Industrial Water Chiller


Reasons for the poor cooling effect of industrial Water Chiller
1. The surface of the industrial Water Chiller compressor is dusty, which causes the compressor to dissipate slowly, which indirectly affects the cooling effect;
2. The refrigerant of the industrial chiller leaks or is insufficient, which causes the cooling effect of the Water Chiller to decrease;
3. The accumulation of debris or sludge in the evaporator of the industrial Water Chiller causes the flow rate to slow down, which affects the evaporation and condensation capacity and reduces the cooling effect;
4. The V-shaped aluminum condenser of the water-cooled chiller is dusty, which affects the heat dissipation effect;
5. Poor heat dissipation at the installation place of the water-cooled chiller;
6. The unit of the air-cooled Water Chiller is operating at full load, and the ambient temperature rises, resulting in insufficient cooling power, which affects the cooling effect, etc.Water Chiller