Correct Use of Mold Temperature Controller


Correct use of mold temperature controller
In the process of using the mold temperature controller, many customers have damaged the mold temperature controller and shortened the life of the mold temperature controller due to improper operation.
1. Before using the mold temperature machine, it is necessary to check whether there is enough heat transfer medium (water or oil) and whether there is pressure (that is, the pressure gauge is zero). If there is an abnormality, the machine must not be forced to start, otherwise it will cause The damage of the machine can even lead to a safety accident.
2. The throat pipe connecting the mold temperature controller to the mold must be a high-temperature-resistant throat pipe above 150℃. The oil pipe connection should be locked and checked again after the machine is turned on to avoid loosening; when the surrounding environment of the water source and the cooling water tower is bad, the cooling water The circuit must be equipped with a Y-type filter and cleaned regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system of the mold temperature machine.
3. The mold temperature machine power supply adopts three-phase five-wire, voltage 380V-400V, connect the mold temperature machine power live wire, connect the power live wire to the MCCB power switch, the neutral wire to the neutral wire (zero wire), and the water wire to Power supply shell (ground wire).
4. Before the formal die-casting, it is generally used to heat the mold surface. Preheating the mold surface alone will easily cause stress concentration and damage the mold. Therefore, the mold temperature controller should be turned on for at least half an hour before the gas hot mold, so that the inside and outside of the mold heat up at the same time, and the mold meat produces less stress.
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