Plastic Crusher for Hard Plastic Materials


Plastic crushers are important when breaking the hardware, it is not like breaking some soft things, or more brittle things. Hard things are more difficult to break, an accidental collapse, meaning that it is easy to crack the teeth of the plastic crusher. Therefore, it is necessary to have a qualitative and good quality. How do you choose it?


General plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic cups, plastic bags, tires, toiletries, learning stationery, daily necessities are not a problem with ordinary plastic crusher machine, and encounter materials with a slight material hardness, such as TV, washing machine, Which plastic crusher is purchased?


1. Use a low speedplastic shredder to make the material crushing particles more uniform, low speed to make the motor longer life and low noise.

2. Use heavyduty plastic granulator machine, large body, horsepower, and can quickly handle materials.

3. Use a strongplasticcrusher, the same weight is the same as the above heavy duty plastic crusher, and the extension is more wide range of horsepower: pipe, profile, sheet, material, container, television shell, car bumper, etc.

4. Use soundproofplasticcrusher, breaking the noise generated by the hard material is not small, select the sound-insulated crusher to reduce noise dissemination, low noise work environment and surrounding.


In addition to some purchase methods, it depends on whether the plastic crusher has the following characteristics:

1. The machine has a beautiful appearance, novel design, a sound layer, low noise.

2. Use a sealing structure to avoid dust pollution.

3. The discharge mode can be a drawer or an automatic suction (alternative member).

4. There are two highly inertial wheels at both ends of the main shaft to achieve a strong comminuted effect.

5. The power frame is made of 45 # solid steel material. There is no gap in the whole integration, avoiding the drawbacks of the Tibet, which is more convenient when cleaning color.

6. Built-in power error correction device, when an error occurs or occurs, the machine stops running and alarm.

7. Inside the security switch, the machine automatically stops working when opening the feed port or screens.


This is the case, or you can come to our factory to see it in detail.