Plastic Crusher Maintenance


Plastic crushers have to maintained regularly after they are used or unused for a long time. The maintenance of the plastic crusher should also operate at a certain provision, so that the machine will be work more effectively and long life of using. While maintaining the relevant requirements of the corresponding equipment safety and technical performance, it can effectively protect the safety of equipment and personnel.

There are these processes to refer to:
1.Check the device. The equipment is also composed of various components, prior to installation, checking the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc. for each device, and the main steel structure, bearings, bolts, etc., and whether it is a record for corrosion of the surface of the part. After the inspection.

2.The plastic crusher should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the motor works over, extending its life.

3.Add lubrication oil into bearings to ensure lubricity between the bearing of plastic crusher.

4.Regularly check the tool screw, the new plastic crusher uses 1 hour, use the tool to fasten the knife, the knife, and reinforce the fixability between the blade and the tool holder.

5.In order to ensure the sharpness of the tool incision, the tool should often be checked to ensure its sharpness, reduce the unnecessary damage to other components due to blazed.

6.When the plastic crusher equipment is normal, it is necessary to carry out daily and regular maintenance according to the rules and regulations, and daily maintenance is mainly responsible for cleaning, fastening, lubricating, adjusting, anti-corrosion, this is checking every day. Regular maintenance, several maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment in the specified time, carry out clean, lubrication, adjustment, disintegration, and maintenance.

7.The overhaul of the plastic crusher is that the damage of the equipment is very serious or damaged, the performance of the machine has declined, this time is overhaut, such as the mechanical power performance, the fuel consumption increases, manipulation , The sound abnormality or the device does not exert the normal production performance, the comprehensive and thorough recovery repair method taken, this time should be overhaul, while arranging the progress of the work.

8.When replacing the tool, the gap between the knife and the fixed knife: 0.8mm above 20HP is preferably 0.5mm or less of the crusher below 20hp. The thinner the recovery, the gap can be appropriately protected.

9.Before the second startup, the shredded material remaining in the chamber should be removed, and the starting resistance is reduced. The inertial cover and belt wheel should be opened regularly, and the flange is removed under grays-proof, and the powder is discharged into the spindle bearing due to the discharge of the powder.

10.The plastic crusher body should be connected with earth for electric safety. 

11.The maintenance professionals are responsible for implementation, there must be records and acceptance. It should provide a certificate of test receiving receipt before installation of the equipment that exceeds and approaches the retirement period, and is a recorded record.

12.Regularly check whether the plastic crusher belt is relaxed and tighten in time.