Performance Characteristics of Screw Chillers


Performance characteristics of screw chillers
Screw chillers are divided into air-cooled screw chillers and water-cooled screw chillers according to the heat removal method, and according to the temperature control category, they are divided into standard screw chillers (5~15℃) and medium temperature screw chillers (-5) ℃~-45℃) and ultra-low temperature screw chiller (-45℃~-110℃). In addition, there is also a corrosion-resistant screw chiller, which uses titanium tubular air conditioner evaporator or stainless steel plate air conditioner evaporator. The composition of parts such as generators can prevent the chiller from being corroded by chemicals such as chemical plants, thereby increasing the service life of the generator set.The characteristic of the air-cooled screw chiller is that there is no need to install a closed cooling tower, it can be delivered and used only by connecting a circulating pump and a two-layer stainless steel water tank. It uses its own required cooling fan to carry out heat removal, and the key is to apply to areas with insufficient water sources or weak water bodies. Install the air-cooled screw chiller in an outdoor area where the wind and rain can be sheltered to prevent the wind and the sun from damaging the generator set, which is convenient for future maintenance.The performance of the water-cooled screw chiller is stable, and the energy efficiency level reaches 3.5, but the chiller must be equipped with a closed cooling tower, a circulating pump and a stainless steel water tank with no two layers of stainless steel plates to show the cooling and cooling circulating water. It can be widely used Plastics, electroplating processes, electronic device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, vegetable preservation, freezers, printing inks, household central air-conditioning and other fields. In addition, the water-cooled screw chiller can be made into a single-head screw chiller or a twin-engine screw chiller according to the customer's preference. The volume control can choose a four-stage or stepless automatic control system, and a built-in steam pressure system Software, the oil filter adopts the two-layer filtering method, the actual effect of the oil-water separator is good, and the heat transfer equipment can give full play to its working capacity. The initial cost of water-cooled screw chillers is lower than that of air-cooled screw chillers, but the subsequent maintenance and power consumption in the middle and late stages require more capital investment than air-cooled. Therefore, it is recommended to choose based on specific application conditions.

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