Plastic Crusher Bearings Maintaining


When we use the plastic crusher everyday, we need to maintain it as a whole, so that the equipment is longer, the maintenance skills of each component are different, and the following will introduce you to the maintenance skills of the bearings:

1.When using a plastic granulator, you should pay attention to the cleaning bearing. We need to put the bearing into the oil, then brush down the soil of the bearing surface with a brush, properly heat the oil, then clean the rollers and holes in the bearing.

2.Before installing the plastic crusher machine, we need to check the number of parts and whether there is damage to the surface of the machining.

3.When installing, fixed contact surface should be coated with oil, and the movable surface should be applied.

When applied grease, all roller surfaces should be covered. We should use the plastic film to cover it, which can achieve dustproof effect the plastic granulating machine.