The reason why the shredder blade is not hard-wearing?


Most of the plastic shredder machine manufacturer does not directly produce a shredder blade. The general choice is to import the product or semi-finished alloy blade which made by professional blades manufacturer with high process and quality. Some small plastic shredder manufacturers think about the money, choose the blade whose steel plate is made, one is to choose a shredder blade made of white mouth iron as a material. This kind of blade is low, which is in line with small manufacturers' money positioning.  The ratio of the plastic shredder machine is also cheap, some user like cheap price, and after purchasing such a machine, the blade proposed by the above users will not be used, and the demand is often polished.

The main problem is the low quality material. Aumax Plast guessing that a metal with higher hardness maybe mixed into garbage waste, the shredding machine wear is very severe during the shredding, which will also cause the above problem. If the user does not ensure the hardness of the material, we recommend that the metal tear machine can be torn with the material. The price is higher than that of the plastic waste, but its body structure and the blade are metal hardness. A larger material is planned. Therefore, it will become gently easy to tear other waste.

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