Volumetric Masterbatch Dosing Machine for Plastic Materials


Volumetric Masterbatch Doser is one of important auxiliary equipment for injection molding machine, extrusion machine and blowing molding machine. It is a plastic dosing and mixing machine to feed and mix main material and one or two masterbatches or other additives in a certain proportion. Aumax CM Series volumetric doser machine uses a PLC with colorful touch screen controller to measure the volume and proportion of color masterbatch and additives. Touch screen as a user operating interface, it is very intuitive and convenient. This dosing mixer machine can be synchronously operated by the molding machine signal, so it does not need to store large amount of mixed and pre-dyed raw materials in advance, and the product performance is formed. The screw diameter is divided into 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, which can provide different output with capacities 0.04Kg~30Kg per hour for customers to choose. The optional double color or two color masterbatch doser machine can be combined with any two volumetric dosing unit machines according to the needs of customers.