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Oil Type Mold Temperature Controller

As we all know, the use of oil-type mold temperature controllers for injection molding in the plastics industry is very common at present, and the main function of oil type mold temperature controller is to heat the mold and maintain its working temperature to ensure stable quality of injection molded parts. And optimize processing time. Ensure stable quality of injection molded parts and optimize processing time.
At present, oil-type mold temperature controllers are widely used in various industries such as plastic molding, light guide plate die-casting, rubber tires, rollers, chemical reactors, bonding, and internal mixing. In a broad sense, it is called temperature control equipment, which includes temperature control in two aspects: heating and freezing.
There is also a lot of room for the application of oil-type mold temperature controllers in the die casting industry, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. Uneven or inappropriate mold temperatures will cause the size of the casting to be unstable, and the casting will be ejected during the production process. Deformation, resulting in defects such as thermal pressure, mold sticking, surface depression, shrinkage cavity, and hot bubble. It also has an impact on the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time all produce unstable variables. The life of the mold will also cause thermal cracking of the expensive steel due to the impact of overcooling and overheating, which accelerates its aging.
In a modern factory, in response to market competition, the business strategy of saving manpower, improving quality, and reducing costs is urgent. The use of an oil-type mold temperature controller can reduce mold preheating time, improve the surface quality of the finished product, and can be fully automated produce. Improving mold life is a necessary means to increase productivity.
The oil-type mold temperature machine is widely used in the plastics industry, and its main functions are:
1. Improve the molding efficiency of the product;
2. Reduce the production of defective products;
3. Improve the appearance of the product and restrain the defects of the product;
4. Speed up production progress, reduce energy consumption and save energy.

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