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Plastic Dryer And Honeycomb Dehumidifier

Plastic Dryer And Honeycomb Dehumidifier: In industrial production, there are many engineering plastics with strong hygroscopicity. It is difficult for ordinary dehumidification dryers to achieve the purpose of drying, while honeycomb rotary dehumidification dryers are designed for these highly hygroscopic raw materials, which can be quickly and effectively Dehumidify and dry, and strictly control the moisture in the raw materials to ensure product quality.


Hopper Dryer is one of the most import and economical auxiliary equipment to dry the moisturized plastic materials before injection molding process. The hopper dryer machine also called Hot Air Dryer for plastic, it can be installed on the injection molding machine to save space.


Aumax is one of leading manufacturer of plastic auxiliary equipment from China. We supply complete range of plastic drying system and solutions include hopper dryer, honeycomb dehumidifier, cabinet dryer, two-in-one dehumidifying hopper dryer and three-in-1 dehumidifying drying loader unit.

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