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Plastic Granulator And Shredder

Plastic Granulator And Shredder: Plastic wasted material recycling is very import to environmental protection, energy conservation and reduce production cost. Plastic granulator, also called plastic crusher and shredder machines are the main equipment for plastic recycling industry.


Plastic shredder machine is mainly used to shred the large materials with big thickness, which can not be crushed by plastic crusher machine directly. Actually, the function of plastic shredder is used for pre-cut the large plastic materials to be small pieces. After shredding, the small plastic pieces can be crushed to granules and pellets by plastic granulator machine. Most of plastic wastes material with normal size and small thiness can be granulated by plastic granulator machine directly.


Ningbo Aumax Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd. is one of top ten plastic crusher and shredder manufacturers in China. We have more than 15 years experience of design and manufacturing of plastic granulator machine, plastic crushing machine, plastic grinding machine and plastic shredder machine. Our machines have been exported to more than 30 countries with strong technical support, good quality and services.

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Our Plastic Granulator And Shredder are all made in China, you can rest assured to buy products from our factory. Aumax is one of the Plastic Granulator And Shredder manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them with the cheap price from our factory. Our factory provides advanced services and quality products. We have CE certificates, you are welcome to come to consult customized products.