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Plastic Mixer And Doser Unit

In plastic molding, processing and recycling industries, most of manufacturers have to mix different virgin materials, recycled materials, masterbatch particles and powders and other additives together. Aumax plastic mixing machine, gravimetric blenders, volumetric doser machine and material proportional valves are used for mixing and blending of different materials and additives.
Aumax Plast is a professional manufacturer of plastic mixing machine and dosing unit system. We can supply the most economical plastic mixing solutions and high-performance plastic color mixer, masterbatch dosing machine and gravimetric mixing machine.
All the parts of plastic color mixer, gravimetric mixer and masterbatch doser machine which have to touch the plastic materials, masterbatch or other additives are mode of stainless steel to keep the material and additives away from pollution. All the electric parts of Aumax plastic mixer and doser unit machines are global top brand with long using life.

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Our Plastic Mixer And Doser Unit are all made in China, you can rest assured to buy products from our factory. Aumax is one of the Plastic Mixer And Doser Unit manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them with the cheap price from our factory. Our factory provides advanced services and quality products. We have CE certificates, you are welcome to come to consult customized products.