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Self-contained Vacuum Autoloader

Fully automatic small combined integrated vacuum hopper loader AML-300G and AML-400G suction machines are widely used in the raw material conveying industry of injection molding machines. They have convenient installation, simple operation, strong long-distance conveying capacity, stable production, reliable operation and operation, and achieve complete auxiliary equipment for automated production: The self-contained vacuum autoloader machine is also called plastic feeder machine, plastic suction feeder machine, plastic feeding machine, hopper loader, etc. It is suitable for short materials. If the material is too long, it is easy to wrap around the shaft and cannot be used. The suction hopper loader machine can be used together with the crusher. When used, the size of the bottom hole of the gong of the crusher can be adjusted appropriately according to the use situation to meet the conveying hole of the suction machine. The vacuum suction auto-loader machine can be divided into two types: direct suction machine and split suction machine. The single suction machine adopts a carbon brush motor. The carbon brush is easy to wear and cannot be repaired and can only be replaced as a whole. The split suction machine adopts induction motor, even if it is damaged, it can be repaired. Function The suction machine is widely used in the transportation of raw materials for injection molding and can automatically feed materials to the injection molding machine. When there is no material in the barrel of the injection molding machine, a signal of the suction machine will be given. The suction machine uses the principle of air extraction to transport the plastic raw materials into the barrel of the injection molding machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the suction machine stops, and it can be transported again when the material is insufficient.
Small combined integrated vacuum hopper loader machine is a type of  suction feeding machine. Features of automatic vacuum suction hopper loader machine AML-300G: Stainless steel hopper, to ensure that the raw materials are not polluted, which is suitable for directly installing the feed port of the molding machine. All are equipped with hinged hopper covers and are equipped with cloth filtering and automatic spray cleaning and dust removal functions. The entire series are equipped with manual control switches. AML-400G is equipped with motor reverse dust removal function, optional AMPV two-material proportional valve, optional buzzer or warning light as alarm device.

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