The Function of Air-cooled Chiller


The function of air-cooled chiller
Air-cooled chillers are also called air-cooled industrial chillers and air-cooled refrigeration units. The heat removal method is based on the heat dissipation fan and outdoor temperature heat exchanger. To put it simply, the chiller is a device that outputs ultra-low temperature refrigerated water, and the output cold water temperature can be adjusted between 3-35°C. The air-cooled chiller is a kind of air-cooled equipment, and it is a refrigeration equipment that can display temperature control, constant current power supply, and constant current source. The refrigerated water takes away the heat generated inside the equipment, and flows the high-temperature boiled water back to the storage tank to reduce the temperature. In this way, the circulating system exchanges refrigeration to achieve the effect of refrigerating the equipment.Air-cooled chiller.The air-cooled chiller is generally an overall unit, and the air-conditioning evaporator, refrigeration compressor and cooler are built together. For the slightly more powerful air-cooled industrial production chiller, the heat rejection problem of the cooler fan must be considered when it is working.The air-cooled chiller adopts the evaporative cooling method, which eliminates the indispensable glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower and refrigeration centrifugal water pump pipeline system software, which prevents the water body from being too poor and causes the cooler fouling and the tap water pipe blockage, and also saves the water source. , Is the most economical and simple model for maintenance and repair among the cold water air conditioning and ventilation equipment products.The air-cooled chiller is one of the specifications of the chiller. The water at room temperature is cooled to a certain temperature according to the refrigeration compressor of the chiller to strengthen the cooling module or equipment. As a stand-alone version, the heat pipe heat dissipation is embedded The key to the cooling fan is three interconnected system software: household appliance automation control system software, refrigerant circulation, and circulating water system.
Air-cooled screw chiller
The air-cooled screw industrial chiller is also the air-cooled screw chiller. The heat removal method of the server is based on the gas heat removal. The chiller equipment uses screw compressors, and the supporting facilities are high-quality and efficient air-conditioning copper pipes for cooling. Generator, air conditioner evaporator and hydraulic control system make the generator set have the advantages of small size, low noise, large kinetic energy, long life, and easy actual operation.The principle of air-cooled screw chiller is divided into three processes:
The whole process of breathing: The steam enters the motor rotor cogging according to the breathing port. Along with the rotation of the motor rotor, the star wheel successively enters into toothing with the motor rotor cogging, and the steam body enters the reduced cavity is the enclosed space created by the motor rotor cogging slope, the inner wall of the housing and the star transmission gear surface.
The whole process of reduction: With the rotation of the motor rotor, the volume of the reduction cavity continues to decrease, and the steam body shrinks until the forefront of the reduction cavity turns to the exhaust pipe.
The whole process of the exhaust pipe: the forefront of the shrinking cavity is turned to the exhaust pipe and then the exhaust pipe is gradually exhausted, and then a working cycle system is carried out. Because of the symmetrical layout of the star wheel, the circulatory system shrinks twice every time it rotates, and the displacement is relatively twice the displacement of the one-week circulatory system.Air Cooled Water Chiller