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Water Type Mold Temperature Controller

The water type mold temperature controller is mainly composed of a circulating pump, a heater, a cooler, a temperature sensor, a thermostat and an electrical control system. Working principle: After the circulation pipeline is filled with water, the water mold temperature machine can start to work normally. The circulating pump drives the water through the heater and cooler, enters the client equipment, and then returns to the circulating pump, and so on. The temperature sensor detects the temperature of the water outlet of the mold temperature machine, and the temperature controller outputs heating and cooling signals to control the operation of the heater and the cooler, and realize the constant temperature maintenance of the water.


The water type mold temperature controller includes a high-pressure superheated water circulation preheating/mold cooling circuit, a pressurized water supply circuit, a voltage stabilizing circuit, and a temperature measurement and control circuit. The main work process is as follows:

(1) Preheat the mold. Heater/cooler\stop valve, inlet and outlet pipes, molds, high temperature transfer pump, flow meter, one-way valve, overflow valve and other components constitute a complete high-pressure superheated water circulation channel. Before the start of die-casting production, the high-temperature transfer pump and high-pressure make-up pump in the device send the softened water in the high-pressure water tank and heating/cooler to the die-casting mold and the heating pipe connected to it. When the pressure in the system reaches the lower limit, it will Turn on the heating device to increase the temperature of the softened water in the heater/cooler. When the water pressure reaches the upper limit (0.6 MPa), turn off the high-pressure makeup pump. As the water temperature rises and the water continuously flows and circulates in the mold, the high-pressure water exchanges heat with the die-casting mold, and the mold temperature gradually rises until the thermal equilibrium is reached. When the temperature of the high-pressure superheated water is higher than the set value (the maximum temperature is 120°C), the electric heating device is automatically turned off; when it is lower than the set value, the heating is automatically started to ensure that the water temperature is always maintained at the set value. Set temperature.


(2) Mold cooling. In normal die-casting production, due to the heat exchange between the high-temperature molten aluminum and the mold, the temperature of the mold will continue to rise, and the mold needs to be cooled. Set the temperature setting value to the required cooling temperature value, the device automatically opens the solenoid valve on the cooling channel, the cooling water enters the cooling pipe in the heating/cooler, and the cold water in the pipe and the high-pressure superheated water outside are heated The exchange makes the temperature of the high-pressure superheated water drop rapidly, and the low-temperature circulating water cools the mold, so that the mold temperature can be maintained within a suitable working temperature range in each die-casting cycle.


(3) The principle of water replenishment. During the mold preheating and cooling process, due to pipeline leakage, the softened water in the heater/cooler 1 will be reduced, because there is a certain correspondence between the water pressure and temperature. If the water is not replenished in time, the system will be affected. The highest heating temperature, therefore, a water supplement device must be installed. In this device, the water replenishment system is constituted by the solenoid valve 15, the high-pressure water pump 14, the one-way valve 13, and the high-pressure water tank 12 in the water replenishment pipeline, so that it can automatically replenish the softened water in time according to the pressure change in the system, and ensure the system pressure. At the same time, it also ensures that the flow rate of high-pressure superheated water in the system is maintained at about 50 L/min.


(4) Principle of voltage stabilization. This device is pressurized to the high-pressure water tank through the accumulator, so that the pressure of the high-pressure water heating cycle system is always at about 0.6 MPa. When the pressure is lower than 0.6 MPa, the high-pressure make-up pump is automatically turned on to replenish the softened water, so that the pressure rises. When the pressure is reached, the high-pressure make-up pump will automatically shut down; when the pressure exceeds 0.6 MPa, the high-pressure make-up pump is installed on the high-pressure water tank. The overflow valve 16 automatically releases the pressure, when the pressure is released to the set value, the overflow valve will automatically close

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