Characteristics of Air-cooled Screw-type Cold Water Generator Set


Characteristics of air-cooled screw-type cold water generator set
1. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner ranges from 102500Kcal/h to 654800Kcal/h.
2. No cooling water system software is needed, and it can be applied in areas with good natural ventilation.
3. The air-cooled generator set does not need to be equipped with refrigeration centrifugal water pumps, glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling towers and other auxiliary equipment, which can save a lot of raw materials and project installation costs, and even no need to set up a host room Explosion-proof air-cooled chiller essential elements
1. The refrigeration compressor of the generator set adopts the imported lowest temperature refrigeration compressor;
2. Apply refrigerants such as R22/R404A, R410A, R407C, etc., considering refrigeration temperature and environmental protection regulations
3. Range of temperature selection: -25℃~35℃ can be shown
4. According to the requirements, a variety of cold carriers (refrigerated water) can be used: glycol solution, ethanol, ternary mixed aqueous solution and other aldehyde cold carriers, or the air-conditioning evaporator can be designed according to the anti-corrosion regulations. Calcium chloride solution
5. The PC board self-elevating microcontroller on the computer, the actual operation is simple
6. Safety maintenance and common failure display equipment is complete, and technical professional staff is not required for overhaul and maintenance
7. The whole mechanical casing has a shell structure, beautiful appearance and compact structure, and the operation status of the generator set can be checked anytime and anywhere
8. The generator set can have a built-in water storage tank and a circulating pump according to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. The cooling effect is very good, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.
Optional role
1. The heating and cooling integrated machine can be customized
2. RS485 communication can complete the automation technology management method.
3. PLC control, high reliability and strong anti-interference.
4. Timing start, cooling standby function.
5. Explosion-proof design scheme for electrical cabinets and pipelines.

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