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Volumetric Doser

Volumetric Doser: Volumetric masterbatch doser machine is an instrument used in injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding processing to automatically mix 1 type of main material and 1 to 2 types of color masterbatches or additives in proportion. This series of products adopts PLC color touch screen controller to measure the addition ratio of color masterbatch and additives; using touch screen as the user interface is intuitive and convenient. This blender can operate synchronously with the signal of the injection molding or blowing molding machine, so that there is no need to store a large amount of pre-dyed raw materials to form product performance.


The volumetric type masterbatch dosing unit machine is suitable for the automatic proportioning of new materials, secondary materials, masterbatch or additives, and the error value is not higher than ±1%. The standard model of masterbatch mixer cannot be used for the treatment of all kinds of plastic powder masterbatch and the treatment of all kinds of food, chemicals, flammable, explosive and volatile materials. If the customer's product is the optical industry product, such as PC, PMMA, etc., the standard masterbatch machine model cannot be selected, and the part in contact with the raw material needs special treatment, such as the use of food-grade materials, polishing treatment, etc.


The metering volumetric masterbatch mixer adopts a DC brushless motor and mixes according to the pre-selected ratio. It is automatically converted into a rotating speed through the conditions set by the fully digital microcomputer control system and directly drives the precision screw to extrude the raw material. The error value is not ** ±1%. The motor reduction ratio of this product is divided into two types: 30:1 and 50:1. The screw diameter is divided into five types: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm. Five models can be evolved to provide different output from 0.1 to 32kg/hr. For customers to choose. There is also a two-color masterbatch doser machine, which can be combined with any two plastic masterbatch doser machines according to customer requirements.

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