Installation of Blades Grinding Machine


Many users don't know how to install it after the purchase of the blade sharpening machine, the following small series is introduced in detail:


First, it is necessary to fix the device before installing, and confirm whether the screw is tightened. It is not necessary to have agile and no fixed parts. Turn on the power to confirm the rotation of the motor.


Second, when installing, we need to increase the grinding wheel to a certain limit, install the blade on the blade base, improve the pressure plate, turn the handwheel, the screw moves the blade up and down, and increase the blade to 30-50 mm The above, and press it with a head. Adjust the tooth position at the end of the tooth, and align the grinding wheel with the blade.


If you have anything you don't understand about knife grinding machine, you can consult with Aumax Plast.