Selection of Air Cooled Water Chiller


Selection of Air Cooled Water Chillers
The air-cooled chiller sucks the evaporated and refrigerated low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the compressor, then compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas and sends it to the condenser; the high-pressure and high-temperature gas is cooled by the condenser and the gas is condensed into a normal temperature and high pressure liquid; when the normal temperature is a high pressure liquid Flows into the thermal expansion valve, throttling into low-temperature and low-pressure wet vapor, flows into the shell and tube evaporator, absorbs the heat of the chilled water in the evaporator to reduce the water temperature; the evaporated refrigerant is sucked back into the compressor, and repeats The next refrigeration cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.
1. First determine the cooling capacity
2. Whether the host is placed outdoors or indoors, if it is placed outdoors, waterproof type should be considered
3. Different industries choose units with different processes, such as vacuum coating equipment, which has pressure requirements; laser machine industry, generally use stainless steel in contact with water; electroplating equipment industry, micro-arc oxidation industry, and evaporator generally use acid-resistant or alkali-resistant materials .
4. Whether the host has a water tank and water pump, usually below 20HP, so that it is convenient for customers to install. If there is a water tank on the site, the water tank is not. And the evaporator of the main engine is not a coil type with a water tank, but can only be a shell and tube type and a plate type.
5. The low and high climatic conditions of the Air Cooled Water Chiller must be informed to the manufacturer, because it has a great impact on the energy efficiency of the equipment design, so the manufacturer should design according to the actual situation of the customer.
Features of Air Cooled Water Chiller:
1. Equipped with advanced temperature controller, stable performance and high control precision; it can realize man-machine dialogue interface;
2. Adopt high-quality compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable;
3. The water pump has large flow, high efficiency, and durability;
4. The electrical part adopts high-quality electrical appliances to ensure stable operation and long service life of the machine;
5. Fault alarm, self-check, signal output, can be linked with the host;
6. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttling mechanism, and excellent anti-rust treatment.
7. Anti-static spray plastic shell, beautiful and generous, the outer panel is easy to disassemble and change into maintenance. Air Cooled Water Chiller